OK, day 1 at the gym is over and I’m sore! The original plan was to go right after work but that’s not realistic. I went home and ate. We walked to the gym at 7:30. It adds another 30 minutes of walking to my previous 80 but it’s alright. It’s not like the treadmill run where I’m going as fast as I can. Just a stroll. Don’t want to sweat too much on the way there!

I had to make some changes to my plans. First of all the one sandwich at lunch is done! I was starving at 3:30 and the protein shake did nothing. I’m back to two a day – for better or worse. I’m snacking on sunflower seeds in the mid-afternoon. Again, not sure how bad that is. We’ll see.

The gym plan was good and bad. I refuse to do the deadlift with the dumbbell. It feels stupid. Same with the lunge and especially the cuban. I did bench, squat, cable row, pull down, and leg press. Probably need to add some more.

Taking the paper and writing things down is dumb too. It’s really distracting. Not gonna happen anymore. Also the 15 rep thing is too much . It makes me drop the weight too low. From now on I’m doing something like 10-8-6 just like back in the day. Oh well. You live and learn. I’ll adapt and find a plan that works for me.

Funny thing about the weight room. There were only about three guys there when I showed up. Two of those were your stereotypical bodybuilder guys. They were huge! It seemed like they were following me at times. They were going to the station next to mine constantly. Of course they were lifting over twice what I was. Oh well. I wasn’t too embarrased. They seemed like cool guys.

It’s gonna be all cardio until Friday. I’m gonna go with the treadmill because I embarassed myself on the elliptical. I got on it for giggles before I left. That thing is impossible! You can’t stop it without a lot of force. It forced me to go a lot faster than I wanted. The wife did really well on it. I was very jealous.


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