Miserable day

I didn’t want to go to the gym today. Some things from work just really frustrated me and I didn’t want to do anything but sit on my chair and wallow in my own self-pity.

I went anyway. I don’t know why. Probably just habit.

I got in 3 miles in 43:30 minutes. I loathed almost every single step. I finished up about 10 minutes before the hour and the wife was wrapped up in some TV show. I walked until it was over just to pass the time.

I weighed and it looks like I’m down to 307.0 now.

Who cares. I still feel like crap.

One really good thing happened tonight. My sister had a baby. We’re going to go back home to see her tomorrow. I took the day off but since the wife can’t leave until 11am I decided to get in my lift before I leave. On most days with a day off I wouldn’t think about doing this. Who am I kidding? On every day off I wouldn’t think about this. I have to though.

I made a commitment to see this thing through. There are going to be more tough days like today. I’ve got to keep pushing through. I’ve got to be disciplined tomorrow.

I’m going to go to bed tonight and pray that I can convince myself to get up and go tomorrow. Wish me luck.


One response to “Miserable day

  1. Wow, that is so inspiring, you should be proud!

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