I’m so angry at myself right now

I just stepped on the scale and it read 311.2.

I’m so god damned mad at myself I could scream. How did I get there?

I had a protein shake right after the weigh in. Two scoops of whey along with 1 cup fat free milk and 1 cup blueberries. Then we went to Waffle House for lunch. I had two chop steaks with onions and mushrooms, hashbrowns topped with chili, two pieces of texas toast and a sweet tea to drink. I ate until it hurt. I was full. I knew I was full. I just DIDN’T STOP EATING UNTIL MY PLATE WAS CLEAN. I don’t know why I did that. I couldn’t convince myself it was OK to stop.

At my mom’s house my wife and I split a cinnamon roll. Then I had one ham sandwich (wheat bread, regular cheese, two pieces of ham and mustard) and a pickle. (drank diet mountain dew).

This morning my mom cooked scrambled eggs and bacon – I had two plates full (drank diet mountain dew). Finally we went to some burrito place and I had a burrito along with some chips and bean/cheese/jalapeno dip. Also had a miller lite.

So that’s it. That’s what I’ve eaten since that record low.

I’ve had a lot of water today. Also, I don’t normally weigh in at night. Maybe I’m just overreacting. The proof will be in the pudding tomorrow morning. I’m really scared. I last weighed 311 twelve days ago. That was a lot of sweat and tears ago.


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