I’m a big baby

I’m a big baby and I cry whenever I get my feelings hurt.

I ate like a champ since the waffle house disaster. Good on choices and good on portions. I also took a two hour walk with the wife this evening. Those two things brought me to my new low weight a mere 24 hours after my embarrassing little fit.

I was grumpy all day and I feel like an ass.

I’ve never been on a diet before so I didn’t know weight swings like this could happen. I’m thankful for this little blog for keeping me accountable not only for my weight but also my actions. I can’t let this weight loss thing control my life. If I make a mistake I can still pick myself up and move forward.

If anybody ever asks me about losing weight I will tell them to blog it for things like this weekend. It is great for getting perspective. Without this blog I would have been ecstatic about this new low and forgot all about my little tantrum. Any time I face a similar problem again I will remind myself of the great pity party of August ’06.


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