I still want it

Somehow I gained 3 pounds last night. Not really sure why. I didn’t pig out or anything. I’ve been doing the same things I’ve done all week. I didn’t get in my four 20 minute walks to work because I was out of town but that’s the only difference.

I’ve got to go out of town again tomorrow so I might see the same thing soon. Are those walks really that important?

Today was the first day of this whole experience that I can say with complete honesty that I didn’t really care that I gained. I FEEL so much thinner. That 3X shirt worked wonders for me today at the gym. Some chick was actually checking me out! She gave me the old look up/down and the smile. It might be because I’m slimming down or it might be because I can’t wipe the grin off my face these days.

I’m starting to feel definition in my muscles and it’s just a big confidence booster. I’ve got a lot of fat covering those things but I know they’re there now! It’s only a matter of time.

It sucks going to the gym sometimes but I still do it. Everyday I ask myself if I still want to do this thing and every day I say yes. My body seems like it’s fighting me with everything it’s got but I’m still going strong.

I’m really sore right now. I haven’t had a free weeknight all month and at this rate I’ll never have one. It would probably feel pretty cool to pack it in one night and just relax like back in the day.

I won’t though. You can ask me again in 6 months but as for right now: that fitness thing – I still want it.


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