Back on the ‘mill

It’s been 6 days but I got back on the treadmill today.

The first few laps hurt like hell. The muscles in my legs didn’t want to move! After about a mile it was back to normal.

Today was cool because I got to use a lot of my new stuff. I wore my new running shoes this evening. I’ve never worn running shoes before so I don’t know the difference. Nevertheless, I’m using them now. We’ll see how they work.

I also wore my new smaller underwear. I didn’t think I had much fat down there but apparently I had enough to drop a size.

Also broke open yet another package of socks. I’m wearing those things out like gangbusters.

Same old, same old as far as speed. 3.0 and 7.5. I think I should be bumping up the speed but frankly I’m still huffing and puffing at this rate. I might move up the incline first. I heard you have to bump it up to 1.0 in order to simulate road running. I’ll bump it up to .5 soon and see how that goes.

On the weight front it’s really awesome to weigh 299 at random points during the day.


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