Phase 1, week 7, workout 1

I really busted my ass today. Bumped up the squat to 155! I can’t even believe this! It doesn’t seem that long ago I was DREAMING of the day I could do 135. My form was awesome. Sometimes you have it and today was another one of those days.

Had to go down a notch on the last set of pull downs. I couldn’t handle 120 for some reason. Did that last set and 110 really got me.

Even after two months one thing that still gets me though is the lunge. If I can ever do 3 sets of 8 without stopping it will be a miracle. I still sweat like a pig when I do it and my heart still beats really fast. I’m always proud when I finish those.

Only 3 more workouts left in phase 1. I’m so damn ready for phase 2 I can’t believe it. Can’t wait for this kiddie phase to be over.

I tried to jog home again today but I couldn’t. My achilles hurt and my hip is acting up. How long have I been whining about my hip? Hopefully it goes away sometime soon.


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