September in review

I lost a grand total of 7 pounds in September. That freaking sucks. It’s almost half of the 13 I lost in August.

I did OK when you break it down. It averages out to a little less than 2 pounds a week. That’s what you’re supposed to average in a good month. I tell myself it’s good but I just get annoyed sometimes. Now that I’m under 300 the pounds just aren’t going to come off as fast.

I still have a chance to hit 275 by December 1. That’s 8 weeks to lose 18 pounds. I’ll need to lose 2 every week plus 2 more pounds somewhere along the way. If I can lose 8-10 pounds this month I still have a shot.

I like having a goal like this. I’m going to bump up the cardio. Can’t just do 2 days a week like I planned. I need to do it every day since my lifts are only lasting 25-30 minutes now.


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