Phase 4, week 1, workout 2(B)

I forgot to post Wednesday’s workout. It was tough but not as bad as Monday and Friday. There are only 6 lifts so it’s not that bad.

The split squats are good for warming up for the real squats. Not really much else though. I can’t keep my balance. I managed a 45 and 2 20’s on the squat so I feel like I’m almost back to last months numbers. I’ll probably put that 25 on next Wednesday and I’ll be back to where I ended up. I’d like to make that big push to 225 this month but I don’t think it will happen. Only three more leg days this month. Don’t think I can add 40 pounds. We’ll see.

My legs are as sore as they’ve been in forever. Really sucks. Maybe those squats will help me get back to losing weight.


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