It’s time to be honest about the recent weight loss problems. I lost my job sometime around the last few days of October. That was right around when I hit 285. As a result I stopped doing my four 20 minute walks a day. That was a big reduction in cardio.

Well now my wife and I decided that we are going to move to a new city. We leave right after Christmas. That means that this is my last week at our current gym. I’m really pushing to get us at a new gym in our new city ASAP. Don’t know though, money might be an issue. We need to find a cheap one for now. When I get a job it won’t be an issue but money might get tight soon. The gym is still my number one priority though. I will make any sacrifice it takes to afford a membership. Can’t stop now.

Our new apartment has a crappy little gym with a few treadmills and light dumbbells. Worst case scenario, I’ll use it.


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