On not losing weight

I’m not losing weight and just beyond frustrated about it.

The funny thing is that it’s undeniable that I’m toning up. I really believe I could pass for 250. I’m not losing fat apparently but at least I’m moving it into a better shape. Hopefully when I clean up my diet the numbers will fall.

Still haven’t got around to reading the Abs Diet but I will soon. When my job is over this week I plan on spending a week doing one of the sample diets with surgical precision. I will eat exactly what is says at exactly the right time. Should be a fun experiment.


One response to “On not losing weight

  1. Don’t let the scale get to you…it’s a notorious liar. 🙂

    Seriously, all the scale does is measure the gravity between your body and the ground. What’s more important is what you see in the mirror and how your clothes fit. You say that it’s undeniable that you are toning up…CONGRATULATIONS, THAT’S A SUCCESS!


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