The Abs Diet review

I finished reading the Abs Diet last night. It was probably 150 pages of text along with 200 pages of pictures of lifts and workout logs. He spent a good chunk of the 150 pages hating on every other diet out there today.

It had some interesting stuff on choosing foods to eat. You’re supposed to east six times a day so that you’re never starving and then eat way too much. The main thing I got out of it was to eat more protein and fiber. Apparently protein takes more energy to digest then other foods. Also it makes you feel fuller longer. The benefits of fiber are obvious. I like the diet because it doesn’t force you to not eat carbs or fat. I’m not going to stick to any plan that makes me feel bad about eating bread or something good like that. There are some things he says you should avoid, like trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, but that’s pretty standard stuff. The gist of this plan is that you need to include 2 of the 12 “power” foods in every meal. That won’t be hard.

There were a bunch of recipes and a sample week included. Most of it is quick and easy to make. A lot of them were smoothies. I really liked that blueberry smoothy I used to have for breakfast. I need to break out the old blender and get to making those. I also need to go out and buy another container of whey. I haven’t had any of that stuff in months. Maybe it will help.

My job got extended another week so I don’t think I’m gonna start until it’s over. Maybe this weekend I can go to the grocery store and get everything I need. I also need to do a bunch of measurements on my body. That’s how you measure your progress on this thing.

You’re supposed to do some lifting plan he set up in conjunction with the “diet” (he doesn’t like that word). I’m gonna stick to the lifts I do now. Shouldn’t be a big deal. You’re supposed to be able to lose between 10-30 pounds in six weeks. I’m skeptical about that but I’m always up for a challenge.


7 responses to “The Abs Diet review

  1. 10 lbs in six weeks seems reasonable, but 30 lbs – I doubt it? Perhaps if it is the first time dieting and there is a lot of water weight to loose. Six times a day seems like a lot to eat – unless a person has a lot of self control to keep those meals and snacks small or they are very athletic But it is an option to control hunger. There is another school of thought (from Mastering Leptin book) that it is best to eat only 3 meals a day (especially for folks 30 and over) to keep blood sugar and leptin levels even. I go with 4 times a day — but add the 4th only if really needed to keep hunger under control if dinner is delayed or a meal is delayed for some unforseen reason, I pick something small like an apple or an Extend Bar (protein bar). My feeling is whatever healthy eating plans works for someone – that is the one they should chose to follow. Lady Rose, , co-author Incredible Shrinking Ladies blog

  2. A sample snack is 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and raw veggies. Another is 1 ounce almonds and 4 ounces of cantelope. I understand it’s just something to curb my appetitel. I don’t think it will be a problem.

    I’ve never tried a traditional diet before and I know I won’t stick to any of the cutting carbs ones. This one seems interesting and it’s only 6 weeks. I’m treating it as a weight loss experiment. If it doesn’t produce in 6 weeks then I’ll look for something else.

    I completely agree about the 30 pounds thing. I also agree that 10 pounds seems reasonable. I haven’t lost 10 pounds in a long time. I’d be thrilled with that!

  3. Well, to be honest i started this two weeks ago, and I lost close to 8 pounds, without the working out. And i weighed about 185 lbs when i began. I think the home workouts are useful, probably will implement those since right now i am studying for the LSAT and working full time so i wont be able to really go to the gym on a consistent basis. But good luck.

  4. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve had impecible results from what I’ve seen on your weight tracking chart. I just picked up a copy of the abs diet, I’ve read all of Mens Health’s fitness books, I really have learned to enjoy their approach to health, fitness and nutrition. I weighed about 315 when I showed up to play college ball and here a year later I’m a solid 200 lbs (after they put me on weight loss of course). I wanted to tell you to be proud of the success that you’ve had so far and that it only gets more intoxicating as time has come. I now work as a personal trainer and at a GNC; if you need any advice on some quality supplements to boost your gains or make your workouts more effective, just give me a holler. Once again, best of luck in your quest.

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