Skip day

I skipped out on the 20 minute run today. I promise it had nothing to do with fearing the run. It had everything to do with being lazy today.

I’ll do it tomorrow.


2 responses to “Skip day

  1. I’ll be checking in on you — and if need be will get out the wet noodles to get you off your lazy butt and out there running! A day off now and then is good for the soul – but can’t have you making a habit of it. 🙂 Rev. Salve, remember a laugh a day keeps the fat away!

  2. Oh no!! Because I’ve been looking for a reason to skip out on my 25-minute run today and you just gave it to me!!! I don’t really have an excuse either…I mean, I feel kind of achy and think another day of rest wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I’m not really sick.

    Well, let’s make a pact to get right back to it Weds., ok? I’m thinking of trying a 5k this summer.

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