Phase 6, week 6, workout 2(A)

I had a great day at the gym. One of those times when my form was just perfect.

Got the chance to add weight to my lifts too so that made it even better.


One response to “Phase 6, week 6, workout 2(A)

  1. Just wanted to say I came across your blog on the net, and it is incredibly inspiring! I am going to keep reading. I am also doing Couch to 5K, on week 4, don’t feel ready quite yet for the jump to week 5 so I am going to take it slow. Have been in the gym with a personal trainer 1-2 times a week, not seeing many results over the past month yet. Eating is the hard part. But I am doing so much more than I have in my whole life. Again, thanks for the inspiration.

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