Cardio on an empty stomach

I’ve been reading a lot about people running on an empty stomach.

Yeah, I don’t get it. What exactly are you accomplishing by running first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast? Is it because it’s painful that it’s supposed to be better for you? Is that really the difference between losing weight and not losing?

I make it a point to eat around an hour before I go to the gym. Running or lifting, I don’t care, I eat. If I didn’t I would be able to put in my best effort.

When I read about people doing this they seem proud that they did it. Like they did something extra. I don’t know. It sounds dangerous. I get sick if I don’t eat first thing. That’s the reason I’ll never even try it. I really wouldn’t care if it was proven to help you lose weight. I’d rather not puke on my run, thank you.

I just wish I could understand what people think is so beneficial about it.


One response to “Cardio on an empty stomach

  1. Believe it or not, training on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will help you burn more fat than anything else. When you eat, then train later in the day, people burn more of the foods they have eaten throughout the day. Whether that be strength, walking, running, etc. it doesn’t really matter. No, you won’t be as strong training in the morning, but it is a perfect time to engage in a brisk walk. (Walking burns more fat than running because of the fuel needed to run).
    Your blog is awesome!

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