Afterburn, week 1, day 1

Ok, day 1 of “Afterburn” is in the books. I’m not sure what to call it really. In NROL, the author calls it “Metabolic Overdrive.” Cosgrove calls it “Afterburn” though so I’m going to stick with that.

This is a 16 week plan.

For the next 4 weeks I do 3 “rounds” 3 times a week. A round is a minute sprint followed by a two minute jog.

Week’s  5-8 will be 4 rounds 4 times a week.

Weeks 9-12 will be 5 rounds 4 times a week

Weeks 12-16 will be 6 rounds 5 times a week.

Today I ran at 8.5 and jogged at 6.0 on the treadmill. It’s pretty tough toward the end but mostly it was a breeze. I was definitely sweating, though! The worst part was the downshift from sprinting to jogging. It almost made my legs feel more tired. Weird.

I’m going to try to up my sprint to 9.0 next time. I hope the treadmill can handle it! I was kind of nervous running as fast as I did.


3 responses to “Afterburn, week 1, day 1

  1. I was looking at the afterburn website that you have linked here and have a question….when you do your one minute fast, and then 2 minute jog, do you immediately go back to the fast minute? It almost sounds like you have a 5-minute cool-down first.

    I think I may try this!

  2. Yes, you do them all back to back.

    I’ll lay out my last run as an example.

    5 minutes at 3mph
    1 minute at 8.5mph
    2 minutes at 6mph
    1 minute at 8.5 mph
    2 minutes at 6mph
    1 minute at 8.5 mph
    2 minutes at 6 mph
    5 minutes at 3mph

    19 minutes total.

  3. Wow – you are REALLY fast compared to me. Your jog is about my run! But thanks – I’ll let you know when (and if) I try this.

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