Weight lifting for women

When I first started losing weight last year I decided that lifting weights was going to be a priority. After only a few months I saw some pretty incredible results. “Beginner’s gains” as they call them. I now know that it doesn’t matter what lifting plan you pick in that stage. Hell, you could just walk into a gym and lose weight for all I know. It’s easy. That’s not really the point of this post, I guess.

The point of this post is that my wife saw the results and wanted the same for herself.

At that point I didn’t know jack about weight training. I just stuck to a plan from a men’s health magazine and went to work. Should she do some plan from a woman’s magazine? We didn’t know. We worried about the same dumb myths that everyone else does. Would she get too bulky if she lifted heavy? Should she do more reps then me? Should she stick with lighter weights?

She didn’t and still doesn’t have any interest in learning about weight lifting. I try to teach her things about why we do what we do but she doesn’t care. Her attitude is “just show me how to do what I need to do.” That’s about the extent of it. She basically put her trust in me to make the right decision. I did all the research I could about it. I was obsessed about it really. I’m embarrassed about the whole thing as I write about it now.

I finally decided that she would just do exactly what I do and hope for the best. She does the same lifts and the same reps as me. Just like me, we constantly focus on increasing the weight in her lifts. Well, she’s been lifting with me for about 7 months now and I know I made the right choice.

Her weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as mine but the change in her body has been nothing short of phenomenal. She looks like a different person! For what it’s worth, I can’t freaking take my hands off of her.

It’s weird because sometimes she gets depressed about her weight. No one in the world would ever guess what she actually weighs. I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts that everybody who tried would underestimate by at least 30 pounds. Most importantly for her though, nobody would ever consider her “bulky.” She’s got a classic hourglass shape now. Basically, she’s hot as all hell. I think she realizes it on some level. She’s a lot more confident and outgoing now. I made a few new friends recently and they let me know that they thought she was a “babe.” I let out a wry smile and then told them to knock it the hell off!

If any women run across this blog and wonder whether weight training is for them I would encourage them to go for it. I would encourage them to really go for it, though. Lift heavy! It worked for her.

I realize that most women and probably a lot of men would read this and think I’m an idiot. Everyone seems to think that if a woman steps in to a squat cage she’ll immediately transform into the hulk. What if she picked up a 35 pound dumbbell? She’d have arms like Hulk Hogan, right?

None of that is true.

What do I know, though? I’m just the guy with the hot wife.


2 responses to “Weight lifting for women

  1. Wow! That’s so cool! Almost makes me want to add lifting to my routine.

    My husband has started running with me. It gets frustrating because he’s naturally so much better than me, even though he hasn’t run in about 20 years. But its something we’re doing together….and maybe soon he’ll tell people about his hot wife, too!

  2. southernfriedfatty

    That’s great. At one time in my life I was not Southern Fried Fatty, I was Southern Fried Hotty and I attribute that to lifting weights. I think a lot of women are intimidated by lifting weights but the results are outstanding. Losing weight can make your body smaller, but weight lifting can actually change the shape of your body. Plus, it is supposed to help prevent the loss of bone mass, which is a big problem for women when they get older. Lifting weights is something you can do no matter what age you are. It also gave me a weird feeling of empowerment. I mean, I wasn’t big like the beautiful Starla in Napoleon Dynamite, but I was strong.

    Tell your wife to keep at it! Good for her!

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