NROL, Break in, workout 4A

I’m tired as hell. These lifts are killing my legs. That’s a good thing I guess.

Went up on squats.

I managed to do 11 push ups on both sets but it’s time to be honest. My form sucks on them. I can do 4 or 5 really good and then I slip into a bad habit of going half way down. I need to do these things perfect. I need to go nose to the ground. I might see my total numbers go down but I don’t care.


One response to “NROL, Break in, workout 4A

  1. I train a couple of younger athletes and when their form “sucks” I put them directly on their knees.
    1. You develop strength because you can do so many more.
    2. You will develop perfect form.

    Guaranteed if you rep out 25 or 30 from your knees you will naturally improve your strength and form. They are not as easy as most people are led to believe (girly push-ups, YEAH RIGHT)
    I’m going to post this as exercise of the day to show the perfect form for knee push-ups.

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