Fitness magazines

I love fitness magazines.

I REALLY, REALLY LOVE them. Don’t know why. It almost feels like Christmas when a new one comes in the mail.

There’s never anything groundbreaking in any of them. They just allow me to think about fitness and weight loss for an hour or so. Every once in a while I’ll pick up a tip or two that I can incorporate into my life. Mostly though, they serve as a gentle reminder that I need to stay vigilant on my diet and workout routines.

Currently, I’m subscribed to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness. I recently subscribed to Women’s Health for my wife. I read Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness cover to cover. They’re aimed more at my demographic. I flip through Muscle and Fitness casually since it’s mostly ads disguised as articles anyway. A fun thing I like to do is find a picture of some freakishly huge guy and show my wife. I’ll tell her that I want to look like that and she’ll get really mad at me. Pretty dumb, but still funny.

I went to the grocery store the other day and noticed about 10 other fitness mags on the shelf. To be honest, they look like the same crap I’ve been reading but I might still pick a few up anyway.

I’d be interested in hearing what fitness magazines you guys subscribe to.


5 responses to “Fitness magazines

  1. I subscribed to Shape and Health this year but am not going to re-subscribe to Shape. I like Health though.

  2. I used to get Men’s Health, but I got bored of it. Instead, I hit certain websites for fitness tips.

  3. southernfriedfatty

    I get Women’s Health. I am really impressed with it. There is lots of good solid advice about exercise, diet and lifestyle. At first I thought it would be for women that are more serious than I am about exercise, but there a lot of good things for every level of fitness.

  4. I’ll read Men’s Health on occasion, and Yoga Journal. Though not a true fitness magazine, I also read Ultimate Grappler as I kick box at a MMA gym.


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