Chips and salsa make me fat

I’ve been very meticulous about my diet for the past month. I’ve planned out my meals and stuck to the plan 99% of the time. Only twice have I had something that wasn’t on my plan. Both times it was chips and salsa. Both times I gained weight the next day.

Chips and salsa make me fat.

Yesterday I had a tuna sandwich for one of my meals. It was good and filling but I just had to have some chips and salsa. Don’t know why. So I pulled out a bag of baked “scoop” chips and had some. This morning I weighed and saw that I was 275. I’ve been weighing in at 275 pretty consistently all day.

The same exact thing happened a few weeks ago. Had some salsa and gained 5 pounds the next day.

Every other time I have been consistent with my diet and my weight has stayed consistent as a result. Two screw ups and now this.

I know that the weight will drop soon. I’m not really concerned about that. What I am concerned with is that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really enjoy chips and salsa ever again. I LOVE CHIPS AND SALSA. If I ever do indulge I’ll be worried about gaining a ton of weight the next day.

I wish I knew what the deal was. There are not 5 pounds worth of calories in chips and salsa. Is it somehow causing me to hold water? I had them with my last meal. Is eating it so late the problem? This little discovery is driving me crazy.

I might not ever know. One thing I do know is that I won’t be eating chips and salsa again for a LONG DAMN TIME.


One response to “Chips and salsa make me fat

  1. I doubt it’s the chips and salsa. It probably has something to do with exceeding your daily caloric requirements. Or, a relatively high spike in your insulin levels caused by high-glycemic corn chips. The amount of sodium could play a role in water retention (drink lots of water to get rid of it) And last but not least, you could be at a point right now where you need to adjust your calories. I wouldn’t know for sure because of course I have no idea how many calories you’re eating.

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