Afterburn, week 4, day 3

The first phase of Afterburn is officially in the books.

9.2 mph sprint

6.2 mph jog

3.2 mph walk

I felt better about my progress after this one. I still felt a little winded after that very last jog, though. I can usually catch my breath after my sprints during the first two jogs. Still can’t do that on the third. Next week should be interesting.

For the next 4 weeks the plan calls for me to bump up the number of rounds I go from 3 to 4. This is going to add 3 minutes to my runs but that’s not bad considering it will still be only be 22 minutes total.

I’m also supposed to add a fourth day. As for how I’m going to incorporate that day, I don’t know. For now I think I’ll just use a 8 day schedule. I’ll do four runs, three lifts and take one day off. I’d like to be able to throw in an extra run on one of my lift days but I don’t forsee that happening. Maybe in the morning sometime.


2 responses to “Afterburn, week 4, day 3

  1. So you are doing intervals? I just ran some today. But I am so out of shape it is almost sad to watch.

  2. Yeah, I do one minute sprints followed by 2 minute jogs.

    The walks are the warm up and cool down.

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