NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 3B

The time off from lifting (5 days!) did wonders for me today. My back felt great.

My grip is still horrible but I was able to go up in weight in almost every lift. I need more days like this. Felt very aggressive and confident. A lot of days I piss and moan when I know it’s time to bump up the weight. Today I just went for it. It felt awesome.

Stats: 12 reps,  60 seconds rests

Deadlift – 12×150, 12×155, 12×155 (+5lbs)

(My grip is the only thing holding me back here. The first set felt really light. That probably has a lot to do with actually learning proper form after reading “Starting Strength.” The other two sets were tough but manageable. It took every thing in me to hold on to the bar, though. I feel like deadlifts are going to improve my grip. That’s going to translate to a lot of other lifts.)

Dumbbell incline bench press – 12×45, 15×50, 8×50 (+10lbs)

( I’m pissed that I couldn’t get that last set done. Nevertheless, I’m happy that I’ll be picking up dumbbells from the big boy racks very soon.)

Bulgarian split squat – 12×30, 12×35, 12×35 (+10lbs)

 (More grip problems. I felt a ton better doing these, though. Not even close to being as tired as usual. Still sweated a ton though.)

Mixed grip lat pulldown – 12×120, 12×120, 12×120

(I feel a lot better on these. I was able to finish off that last set even though I didn’t think I could. My form was good. The next increase is 15 pounds again. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go up on these soon.)

Romanian deadlift – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135 (+20lbs)

(This was when I knew it was just my day. I got awesome extension without a hint of back trouble. A little grip trouble toward the end but I held on to finish it off.)

Swiss ball lateral roll – 15×15, 15×15, 15×15

(I can’t really go up in weight on these things since I’m using the heaviest body bar in the gym. Last time I thought I had the form down but I was wrong. NOW I’ve got it. I didn’t shuffle my feet and I was able to actually get on my shoulders. It’s crazy how much this exercise makes me sweat.)


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