Afterburn, week 7, day 1

I need to bump up the speed.

Today’s run was similar to the last one. Probably a little easier. This was shocking because I gave my Ipod to my wife during the run. I haven’t run without it since I first bought it 5 months ago. It’s official, I can run without music. That’s good to know.

I’m a little nervous about going faster because the run isn’t even close to easy yet. I can do better though, so it’s time to get tough.

During the run today I thought a little bit about my goals with Afterburn. I decided that I want to be sprinting at 10mph and jogging at 7mph by the end of week 16. Since next week is the halfway mark I’d like to bump up the speed to 9.5/6.5 by then. That might not happen but it’s something I’m going to keep in mind.

Todays numbers = 9.3/6.3/3.3


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