NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 6A

I still feel horrible today. The wife and I are thinking about going to see a doctor. I’ve never had a cold last this long. 

I contemplated skipping again but looked myself in the mirror about an hour and a half before the gym closed and just told myself to suck it up. My energy sucked, I was coughing and my legs felt weak but I psyched myself up to just go.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this was my worst lift ever. I’m a little ambivelent about that right now. On one hand I’m extremely dissapointed that I failed so many times today. On the other I’m happy that I actually went. I’d spent too many days away. Skipping was starting to become a habit.

Here are the stats. Reps were 10, rest was (supposed to be) 45 seconds. I took much longer rest periods this time. Basically I waited until I felt like I had the energy to do it. At the longest I rested about 90 seconds – during the squats and lunges. For the others I was pretty good about the 45 seconds.

Squat – 8×160, 8×160, 2×155

(I knew today wasn’t going to be my day from the start. I couldn’t push the last two reps of my first set. I figured I’d give the same weight a go a second time and had the same result. By the third set I had nothing. I dropped the weight and still just couldn’t push it. PATHETIC.)

Cable Seated Row – 10×135, 10×135, 10×135

(For some reason I was able to get all of these. I was pretty surprised about this. )

Supine hip extension– 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW

(Nothing to report here really. They weren’t too hard on me.)

Dumbbell push press – 10×50, 10×45, 10×45

(I got all 10 reps on the first set but my form was terrible. I dropped the weight and I got a little better. I actually felt pretty good about that second set. The third was good for about 8. The final two reps were pretty shady.)

Rotational lunge – 6×40, 8×35, 10×30

(I guess you see a pattern here. My legs were giving me nothing today. I’ve never failed to complete a set of lunges until today. The first set was just embarrasing. I dropped the weight on the second and still couldn’t get it done. Dropped it again on the third set to an all time low and still had to fight to finish. At least I got all the reps though. I’ll take anything I can get today.)

Swiss ball crunch– 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW

(I’m embarrased to say this but I almost couldn’t finish that last set. I was running on empty by this point. It was a struggle but I got it with the last bit of energy I could muster.)


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