Afterburn, week 8, day 1

It turns out that I decided to take two days off. I enjoyed it but my wife was complaining that she missed the gym. I’ve officially heard it all now! She’s been complaining about working out for a year now. I guess she’s officially in it for the long haul now.

Today’s run wasn’t so bad. I’m just freaking myself out thinking about next week. I didn’t have too much trouble until the last minute of the last jog. I have a lot of trouble catching my breath at that point. It’s really no problem to run but I don’t think I can do more.

I’m really nervous about adding that fifth sprint next week. Hopefully I can get over that soon.

Speeds – 9.4/6.4/3.4


One response to “Afterburn, week 8, day 1

  1. It’s hard to retrain your body to work on the same level as runners whom have been doing sprints for the last decade it seems. I hope you’re able to reach your goal. Good luck on that fifth sprint!

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