NROL, Fat Loss II, workout 1A

Wow, I suck at front squats.

You can read all you want, study all you want and think all you want but it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference until you get under the bar. Experience is the best teacher and today I learned that I have a LOT to learn.

I know now that my form was dangerous. The lower part is easy and I’ve got it down pat. The problem is my upper body. I had the entire bar resting on my hands. It’s only through dumb luck that I didn’t crack my wrists or snap a tendon. I don’t have the flexibility to do front squats with my two arms parallel to each other and the floor.

As soon as I finished my last set I knew I had problems. At that exact moment I looked to my left and saw another guy DOING FRONT SQUATS! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve only seen that one other time in my whole life. As soon as he finished his set I pulled him aside and asked him to teach me how he did it. He basically rests the bar on his chest and crosses his arms in an “X” to keep the bar in place. I played around with that position with the empty bar and I think I can do it. We’ll see next time.

After we talked I saw another guy near us doing deadlifts OFF THE BOX. I’ve never seen that in my life! After I saw that dude finish I turned around and the guy who taught me how to front squat is doing deadlifts too. I felt like I was working out in Westside! I’m going to do my damndest to make friends with those dudes if I ever see them again.

Here are the numbers – 12 reps, 60 seconds rest (I shot that all to hell – not even close)

Front Squat – 12×115, 3×120, 12×115

(The first and last ones weren’t so bad but that middle set hurt my wrists bad. I’m glad I was smart enough to bail. My lower body can handle more weight. I just need to figure out the upper body part.)

Wide-grip cable seated row – 12×105, 12×120, 12×120

(The grip will take some getting used to but I’ll be alright with it.)

Supine hip extension with leg curl – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(These are deceptively tough. I really felt the burn in my calves, hammy and backside.)

Barbell push press – 12×65, 12×85, 12×85

(I felt like a jackass doing these in the squat rack. It really goes against everything I believe in. The squat rack is for squats! This is going to make it more difficult to bitch about the guys doing bicep curls there but I didn’t really have a choice. I played it safe with the weight because I was worried about my wrists.)

Dynamic lunge – 12×20, 12×25, 12×30

(These were a completely new kind of suck. I’m glad because I was getting tired of the old kind of suck. These are basically backward lunges. Very awkward but I think I’ll get the hang of them. I really miss regular old lunges to tell you the truth. If I ever design my own program these dumb little variations are going to go out the window.)

Upper-body Russian twist – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(It’s embarrasing how tough these are. The movement isn’t so tough but keeping my hips up the whole time is really hard! It’s basically like the lateral roll minus the bar. I had a greater range of movement with just my hands so I got a much bigger burn. I don’t like these at all.)


One response to “NROL, Fat Loss II, workout 1A

  1. “A squatter, a squatter, my kingdom for a squatter.” – Shakespeare, Richard III, powerlifting version.

    It’s strange: weeks will go by without me seeing a single other squatter or deadlifter (or non-bouncing bencher, for that matter) in the gym, and then in one day I’ll see all three. I wonder if there’s some secret batcave where they hide the rest of the time…

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