Back among the living

I’m back! At least I hope so. I started this post yesterday morning only to get called back to work for another all nighter. I finished up with a few hours this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s over now. You never know in my line of work, though.

The project ended after only 12 days instead of the six weeks I planned. To tell you the truth, I’m thrilled about this. The hours were worse then I thought they would be but I survived.

I abandoned all hope of going to the gym or even blogging after day 1. I literally got home, went to bed, woke up 6 hours later (notice I didn’t say slept 6 hours!) and went back to work. That was every day. I was cranky and mean. Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t subject you to any of my bitter rants.

Eating was atrocious as it usually is on these things. The job provided food which consisted of doughnuts, pizza and sandwiches. I went back to drinking diet soda during this time. (I would have had regular soda but I actually prefer the taste of diet now.) I brought in a bag of combos to munch on as well. I think I drank my body weight in coffee and didn’t even think twice about dumping in as much real sugar as I wanted. Basically I ate what I wanted when I wanted. If I had it to do it over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have to say that my new style of eating helped a lot. Eating every few hours prevented me from crashing after a big meal. I couldn’t stuff myself and I didn’t get that sleepy feeling I used to get in the afternoon. I got a little boost of energy after every meal or snack and that really helped me get through the days.

Surprisingly, I did not gain weight during this time. I weigh 260 right now. That’s what I weighed when I started this two weeks ago. This makes no sense but it is what it is. I’m going back to the gym ASAP and I’ve already started back on a good eating plan. If I don’t lose weight in the next 12 days after making those changes and getting enough sleep I think I might be seriously PISSED OFF.

Whatever. Sometimes it seems like I’m just meant to weigh 260. Hope not. I guess I’ll find out.


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