No more running

I decided to stop running for a while.

Going to run has become a hassle that I don’t look forward to. In fact the whole time has been painful. Working out shouldn’t make me this miserable. I don’t have to put myself through something that I don’t want to do.

I’m just going to do my lifts only for a while. I hope I can get back to the old Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. If I’m hurting then I’ll take an extra day but I’m going to do my best to fit it in that time frame since I get a true day of rest now.

I’ll definitely go back to running sometime in the future. As to when I’ll start back I don’t know. It could be next week or it could be three months. Basically, whenever I feel like it.


One response to “No more running

  1. Yeah, I definately feel you on the running. It’s so hard to run especially after you finish lifting weights. If you run before, your poundage in weights decrease. It’s very hard to find that balance.

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