NROL, Fat Loss II, workout 5A

Awesome lift!

Dropping down to 8 reps was a huge help. It’s really only a mental thing. I only dropped two reps but it feels like a ton. When I hit four reps, on the front squats especially, I knew I was already halfway done and that made me feel confident I could finish. I don’t know how to explain it. 8 is a lot easier to do then 10. Love it.

I think I finally figured out how to front squat. The problem was the pad I used to put on the bar. Whenever I back squat I always use the pad because it hurts my back to go bare. When I started front squating I left it on for similar reasons. It was a little painful to lay it on my shoulders but I sucked it up. Without the pad I was able to put the bar really tight under my chin and rest it on my shoulders. This way I’m able to keep my balance and not worry about falling forward.

I’m still not happy with the depth I’m getting but I’ve definitely made a big improvement today.

Here are the numbers – 8 reps, 30 seconds rest. The rest was virtually impossible. Especially when I had to change the weights. I did my best and got to work as soon as I could. Absolutely no jaking it tonight. I’m pretty proud of that.

Front Squat – 8×85, 8×90, 8×95 (+10lbs)

(As I said earlier my depth was a little shady but I did my best. I’m just happy to have my balance now. I’ll be ready to go up in weight soon. )

Wide-grip cable seated row – 8×120, 8×135, 8×150 (+30lbs)

(I went up pretty high in weight today. I was thrilled about this. Almost thought about giving 175 a shot but figured I better go up in increments.)

Supine hip extension with leg curl – 8xBW, 8xBW, 8xBW

(This is just like a free rest period. Easy.)

Barbell push press – 8×95, 8×95, 8×95 (+10lbs)

(I used the same bar I was front squatting with so I figured I’d give the push press a shot with the same weight. I forgot about my wrist this time and just had a good lift. I might have a shot at going up in weight again next time.)

Dynamic lunge – 8×30, 8×30, 8×30 (+10lbs)

(My depth was PHENOMENAL. Could not be happier about these. They were tough as hell but my back knee was scraping the ground.)

Upper-body Russian twist – 8xBW, 8xBW, 8xBW



2 responses to “NROL, Fat Loss II, workout 5A

  1. Good routine mate. I like it. How’s it working for you?

  2. yes 10s are a gigantic bitch for pretty much everything … i’m of the opinion that 8s and less are a lot more tolerable and a lot more fun

    and SWEET about the front squatting

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