NROL, Fat Loss III, workout 1A

This workout is flat out BRUTAL.

I almost puked about 5 times. I guess that’s how I know I gave close to max effort. If I had actually puked I guess that would be the actual max. I probably would have stopped lifting at that point so it’s probably better that I didn’t.

My body took a beating like it never did before. I spent an hour and a half in the gym. I don’t particularly like this but I’m at the point know where I need to get back on the horse. I’m gaining weight fast. Gotta get back to work.

Here are the stats. The lift is organized into two giant sets and a final ab set. The giant sets were supposed to be done back to back with no rest and then 60 seconds rest at the end. I kept that up for the first two sets. After that it was shot all to hell. I couldn’t catch my breath in one minute. During the second giant set I had to take time off after every lift to keep from throwing up. 

Deadlift – 10×150, 10×155, 10×155, 10×155

(I felt good with the first three sets. That last one hurt like hell. To be honest, my form during that last one was crap.)

Explosive push-up – 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW 

 (I had to do these all girly style because I can’t even do 10 regular push ups much less 10 push ups where I push myself off the ground on every one.)

Bulgarian split squat – 10×30, 10×30, 10×30, 10×30

(I can’t avoid these damn things no matter how much I hate them. I really hate these things. Obviously I know how to do them now. I did OK with them I guess.)

Two-point dumbbell row – 10×20, 10×25, 10×30, 10×30

(These are simple enough. I suppose I could have gone higher but I was sweating bullets by this point. I was also breathing really heavy during the whole time.)

Deadlift off the box – 20×95, 20×95

(By the time I started the second giant set I had nothing. I was too tired. That’s the point where I’m thrown a set of 20! I managed to finish both sets even though the last set took everything I had. Don’t think I could go higher unless I can find a way to build up my endurance.)

Dumbbell bench press – 20×30, 20×30

(Took a wild guess that I could do 30lbs twenty times and I was right. Had to fight out the last few reps of both sets.)

Walking lunge with side bend – 20×15, 20×15

I don’t think I even did these right but it doesn’t really matter. This was where I first felt like I was going to puke. Both times. I’m not even going to play around with weight on this one. Doing 20 reps with both legs takes a LONG time. I had to take little breaks every now and then but I never put the weights down. Just a nightmare. My legs are dead.) 

Cable seated row – 20×90, 20×90

(The weight was a little low but, as I keep saying, I had nothing by this point. I still had to fight them out though so it’s not like I took these sets off.)

Hanging knee raise – 10xBW, 10xBW

(I used what they call the “captain’s chair” for this exercise. Lifted my legs ups as high as I could. I tried to be deliberate when lowering them. Managed to do that for most of them. )


3 responses to “NROL, Fat Loss III, workout 1A

  1. Sounds pretty intense to me. more kudos to you!

  2. oh my god 10s and 20s, i hope you get this over with quickly … how long will you be working in these ranges? good luck with it all, i know how hard these can be

  3. I’ve got 12 lifts so I guess 11 more. I’ll do it two days a week. Probably gonna be 6 weeks.

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