Afterburn, week 1, day 3

Week one is in the books. Today’s run wasn’t too bad. The only bad part was when I thought about how much it would suck to add another sprint as I was running. This bummed me out beyond belief. Nothing like impending doom to ruin a fun run. I finally decided that I’m not going to worry about sticking to any firm escalation plan. If I feel like I can add a fourth sprint next month I’ll do it. If I don’t then I’ll run three sprints every time until I’m ready. I’m not going to burn out on running this time.

Ever since I started running my weight has started falling. It’s gradual but it’s happening. Of course, this also coincides with my recommittment to lifting and going three times a week. Even though I haven’t really gone three times a week yet. Whatever. You get the point. I hit a lull there and I’m pushing through. I’m back to going to the gym every weekday and that’s what I needed.


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