NROL, Fat Loss III, workout 6A

I’d rate my motivation today as moderate. It wasn’t great but it was better then last time. It would pretty much have to be though. 

I still took breaks between giant sets that were too long. I’ve just hit a wall. These huge sets/reps are just too much. I feel like my body is breaking down. Only one more lift in this phase. I’m not looking forward to it. 

Here are today’s stats. The lift is organized into two giant sets and a final ab set. The giant sets are done back to back with no rest and then 60 seconds rest at the end.

Deadlift – 10×165, 10×165, 10×165, 10×165

(Tough but I was able to keep my hold on the bar. I think my grip is getting better.)

Explosive push-up – 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW 

(I’m glad to be done with these. I feel like I’m good at them now but it’s too jarring on my hands and shoulders.)

Bulgarian split squat – 10×30, 10×30, 10×30, 10×30

(The first few sets hurt my knees but I did OK in the last two. These are still definitely my least favorite lift.)

Two-point dumbbell row – 10×40, 10×40, 10×40, 10×40

(Probably should have took a shot at the 45’s. These were still tough though.)

Deadlift off the box – 20×100, 20×100 (+5lbs)

(Went up to 100 so that’s good. I’m not sure about my form. I was leaning forward a lot. It’s hard to stay back when I’m on the box.)

Dumbbell bench press – 20×35, 20×35

(Did both sets with 35’s this time. The last set was tough. I really feel it in my arms right now.)

Walking lunge with side bend – 20×20, 20×20 (+10 lbs)

(I don’t know what I was thinking going up to the 20’s. Just being stupid I guess. Felt like I was going to vomit again. Wonderful.) 

Cable seated row – 20×105, 20×105

(Did both sets with 105 this time. Had a tough time with that second set.)

Hanging knee raise – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Really easy.)


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