NROL, Strength 1, workout 1B

Today was the first day I did the barbell bench press in a full year. It was in the fall of last year. This was too soon. I hate the bench.

Nobody was in the gym today so I didn’t have a spotter. I had to go lower then I could just to be safe. Even so, getting under that bar just felt like an accident waiting to happen. Besides that, I just feel like an ass doing it. I don’t want to be “bench press guy.” I want to be “squat guy” or “deadlift guy.” Oh well. At least I’m not “bicep curl guy” and that’s really what matters the most.

Bench press – 6×155, 1×175, 6×155, 1×185, 10×135

(I imagined I’d take a shot at 185 but I was scared to death. I did it and it was tough but once I had the bar up I never had any doubt I could handle it. There’s no telling what I could have done. I’m just thrilled to have done that much. I’d like to be able to bench 225 soon. Maybe I’ll be able to get that done before the end of the year.)

Barbell bent over row – 6×95, 1×135, 6×95, 1×135, 10×95

(The first shot at 135 was pretty pathetic. The second one was a lot better. As you can see I managed to do 95lbs for 10 on that last set. This tells me that I went WAY too low on the 6 rep sets. Gotta get that fixed next time.)

Close grip lat pulldown – 6×135, 6×150

(150lbs was pretty tough but I got it. I think I’m gonna go up next time.)

Dumbbell shoulder press – 6×40, 6×45

(Felt good with the 45lb dumbbells on that second set. The 50’s seem really heavy for this lift for some reason but I think I need to get to them soon.)

Lower body russian twist – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Tough. My midsection is still really sore from Tuesday’s lift.)


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