NROL, Strength I, workout 3C

Deadlift day again. Went down on the weights but had no back pain so I’ll call this lift a win. 

Deadlift – 3×200, 1×250, 6×185, 1×250, 10×145, 15×135

(Dropped the weight significantly because I was scared about my back. That was a good decision. Zero pain.)

Romanian deadlift – 8×135, 8×135, 8×135

(Feels like I’m getting worse on my grip here. Had to actually put down the bar a couple of times for a few seconds. Normally I’d consider that a failure but I just picked it up and went forward.)

Static lunge – 5×40, 8×35, 8×35

(First set was killing my knees. Dropped the weight and I felt a lot better.)

Good morning – 10×65, 10×65

(Last time I couldn’t even do this lift. Did both sets today with no problems. Caused me to sweat a ton.)

Incline reverse crunch – 10xBW, 10xBW

(More sweat here. Felt good.)


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