NROL, Strength I, workout 3D

Chin up day. My new max on the lat pulldown is 255. I tried to do a real chin up again afterwards. Not even close.

Lat pulldown (simulated chin up) – 6×195, 1×240, 6×210, 1×255, 9×195

(I thought I might have been too low on that first set but I guess not. I couldn’t do 195 for 10 reps. Maybe I’ll be able to get it next time. Definitely need to get these right at least once.)

Barbell shoulder press – 6×115, 1×140, 6×120, 1×145, 10×95

(I think I got the numbers right here. 145 is tough but I can push it without any problems.)

Dumbbell bench press – 6×65, 6×70

(The 70’s were hard as hell but I took a shot and got it done. Not only is it really tough to do the lift but after I’m done it’s difficult to get them off my chest and back to the rack. I think I’ve got a good system though. I bring my knees up to the bottom of the dumbbells and do a little crunch.)

Wide grip cable seated row – 6×165, 6×165

(Stuck with 165 for both lifts. I don’t want to go too high because this is just an awkward one. It’s hard to get started. I have to reach really far while my foot is resting on the rest. Difficult to do.)

Lower body russian twist – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Getting better. Legs were mostly straight the whole way. Still tough.)


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