NROL, Strength I, workout 4A

Did the final “A” workout in Strength I this morning. Did squats this time with no back pain. Awesome. My new max on the squat is 245. Still hate the split squats and step ups. The rest was cake.

Squat – 6×200, 1×240, 6×205, 1×245, 10×155, 15×145

(The first two lifts were the same weight as last time. The last four were all 5 pound increases. Took a lot of convincing myself to add here. I’m happy with my form with all but the max squat at 245. Don’t know, just wasn’t low enough. Maybe I was scared to go lower. It was hard as hell to get it up from where I did drop.) 

Bulgarian Split Squat – 15×25, 15×25, 15×25 

(Didn’t go up here on principle. I hate these fucking things. Took a peek at Strength II and wouldn’t you know that they are there too. I hate life sometimes.)

Step up – 15×45, 15×45, 15×45

(Grip was good on the first set. The second two were a struggle.)

Back extension – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Maybe I should hold on to a plate here to make it harder next time. Not even sure if there is a next time. That last set was tough enough on it’s own though.)

Swiss ball crunch – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Nothing to report here.)


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