NROL, Strength I, workout 4B

Even later start then yesterday this time. Didn’t get into the gym until noon. At this rate I’ll have to spend 5 straight hours in the gym to finish my little plan.

Today was bench day and I had absolutely NOTHING. I hate the bench press and it hated me right back. Couldn’t even lift what I lifted last time. To tell you the truth I’m just glad to have this part over. After I finish strength II and III, I don’t think I’m gonna do bench press for a very long time.  

Bench press – 3×170, 1×190, 6×160, 1×190, 10×135

(After I failed to do 170 for 6 on the first set I knew I was in for a bad day. Dropped the max set down to 190 for the next lift and barely got it. I just sucked here. What can I say? I barely got all 10 of 135.)

Barbell bent over row – 6×120, 1×145, 6×125, 1×150, 10×100

(This lift, on the other hand, went pretty good. 150 is my new max. I liked my form on it too. On some of the other sets I had a tendency to roll my wrists in which I’m pretty sure is cheating. It should be anyway. Mostly, though, I did everything by the book.)

Close grip lat pulldown – 6×180, 6×180

(I got 180 again this time. On the first set I felt pretty good about form but had a little pain in my left shoulder. Nothing serious really. On the second set my form was sketchy as all hell. I barely got the bar below my chin.)

Dumbbell shoulder press – 6×50, 3×55

(The first set was surprisingly easy. I’ve had trouble with this lift for the longest time so I felt really good about it. Felt good enough to go with the 55’s. Bad choice. I could only get half of the reps. Still feels good to have made some progress here though.)

Lower body russian twist– 10xBW, 10xBW

(These hurt like hell. I just felt really tired. I also have a tendency to roll down the mat as I go. Nothing new there. By the end of each set most of my body is on the carpet. Very annoying.)


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