NROL, Strength I, workout 4C

I’ve been worried about this lift all week. It was just as bad as I thought it would be.

Back pain slowed down my progress. It’s not this horrible screaming pain really. Just annoying pain. Took it easy anyway.  

Deadlift – 6×185, 1×250, 6×185, 1×250, 1×135, no lift

(Same weights as last time to start. Couldn’t do the 10 rep set or the 15 rep set.)

Romanian deadlift – no lift, no lift, no lift

(Didn’t even think about doing this after the back pain started.)

Static lunge – 8×30, 8×30, 8×30

(I tried to salvage something out of this lift so I did these. Dropped the weight down to the 30’s. Tough but no pain.)

Good morning – 10×45, 10×45

(I thought long and hard about this one and finally decided to do it with just the bar. Wasn’t that bad really.)

Incline reverse crunch – 10xBW, 10xBW

(Tough but no back pain.)


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