NROL, Strength II, workout 1B

My legs are still KILLING me from the lift two days ago. I forgot how much this sucks. Usually that’s over by the time I go to the next lift. This feels like it did when I first started lifting. Shouldn’t I be able to recover better by now? Luckily today was upper day. Normally I hate upper day. Today I was grateful. Even the bench press didn’t seem like such a bad idea. As usual, the gym was packed out. That place is a ghost town when I’m doing squats and deadlifts. When I do bench everybody and their brother is there. There are probably 15 people who think I do nothing but upper body every day. This infuriates me. 

Here are the stats.

Barbell bent over row – 4×135, 4×135, 8×105, 12×95

(135 might be a tad too high but I managed to get them done. Form was above average but not where I wanted it. Form on the last two sets was awesome.)

Barbell bench press – 4×170, 4×170, 8×145, 12×135

(Grumble, grumble, grumble. I struggled through every single set. It’s hard coming to terms with how weak I am on this lift. It’s not the lifts fault that I suck at it. All the same I hate it because of that.)

Lat pulldown (chin up simulation) – 2×210, 4×195, 12×135

(I overestimated how much I could do here. Started with 225 and couldn’t even move it. Only managed to do 210 twice instead of the four I planned. I got 195 done but it put up a fight. The last set was too easy for the first few reps but it got plenty hard in the end.)

Dumbbell shoulder press – 4×50, 4×50, 12×25

(I was happy that I was able to do the 50’s here. Worried that might be too high after my failure on the lat machine. The 25’s might have been a little low but it definitely wasn’t easy.)

Dumbell upper body Russian twist – 6×10, 6×10

 (This lift was unique. It’s the Russian twist only I hold a dumbbell in my hands. I used a 10 and it was pretty easy. It’s definitely harder to keep my balance while I’m holding that thing. Need to move up a little heavier next time now that I know I can do it.)


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