Observations after one day of counting calories

Eating 3000 calories is HARD DAMN WORK.

I remember a few years back whenever I heard some guy saying he couldn’t eat enough I just rolled my eyes. These guys wanted to get bigger and they just couldn’t stuff enough food down their throats. I just wanna say to those guys – I feel ya bro.

Yesterday I probably ate 1000 calories more then I usually do. I thought I was gonna puke a few times. I liked all my foods but it just got rediculous. Is it really possible that I wasn’t eating enough all this time? I’m gonna take the leap of faith and guess that I was.

Back in the day I’d eat 2000 calories for lunch. Now that burgers, fries and a coke are off the menu it’s a little more difficult. One thing I’ve noticed is that my breakfast is too small. I need to get more of my calories in the morning and midday. It can’t be good to stuff 1200+ down in the last 5 or 6 hours like I did yesterday. I just got nervous that I wouldn’t hit my mark. Totally underestimated how much I usually ate. I’m still a little worried about upping my calories so much but I’m committed to this 3000 calorie thing. I’ve got to try it, at least for a few weeks. Maybe this will be the answer. At least I’ll know either way.

I don’t even want to think about what my weight is going to be tomorrow. I feel like I weigh 300 pounds.


2 responses to “Observations after one day of counting calories

  1. It’s easy going to a fast food place and having a 1000 calorie meal do that 3 times per day and throw in a few candy bars you got 3000 calories it’s really tough eating 3000 clean calories per day. I didn’t realize this till I started using FitDay to track it all and after a few weeks it gets easier.

  2. solifeislikethat

    Try spacing the meals out between 6 meals. It’s a whole lot easier to have 500 calories a meal six times than 1000 calories 3 times…and having 1000 calories three times is more likely to be stored as fat.

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