Counting calories – day 2

I’m not going to do this every day but I wanted to jot down some things I’ve thought about after two days of my counting calories experiment.

First of all, my weight this morning was 261.0. That’s almost another pound lost. I can’t even believe this is happening because I’m eating SO MUCH.

Second, I naturally eat right around a serving size for almost all of my meals. These past two days I have used a 1 cup glass thing and multiple metal little spoons that measure in sizes smaller then that. It’s been a little awkward to put my food in the spoon and then dumb that onto my plate but I managed. Luckily nothing sticks to the spoons. It turns out that I usually eat about a cup of cereal and a cup of milk. I like just about a cup of cottage cheese. I like to put about 1/3 of shredded cheese on my salad. Etc., etc. etc.

The only things that I don’t do the serving size of are snack foods. Combos and pretzel serving sizes are a joke. I poured some of my Hanover Buffalo Wing Pretzel pieces into a 1/3 cup spoon and just stared at it. That’s a serving? Wow. There’s nothing there. You should try something similar just for giggles. It’s really eye opening to say the least. I allowed myself two servings. Still a lot less then I usually eat but that’s all I was willing to spend on what amounts to pretty much “empty” calories.

Things are going great with Fitday. I’m almost at the point where I’ve entered all the foods I eat. This morning for example took me about a minute to enter my breakfast. I spent a LOT of time entering nutritional information over the past few days. Now it’s finally paying off. I’m also excited that I found You can look up restaurant food there! That was my biggest concern with this whole counting calories thing. Now I have no excuses.


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