Random cardio

Looks like I still got it. I can still run for 30 minutes.

I completely lost track of time today. Forgot that the gym closed at 8pm on weekends. Around 7:50 I was getting ready to go and then remembered. That sucked. My only choice was to use the treadmills downstairs. I haven’t been down there since April. The treadmill broke down that time and I was forced to run outside for the first time.

Tried to do Afterburn today and the treadmill broke down again. When I pushed it up to 9.0 the belt started getting loose and finally it stopped working. I couldn’t go running outside with all the snow still on the ground so I decided to use another treadmill and just jog. Figured I’d do 30 minutes for old times sake.

The run was pretty easy. My legs never felt tired. I didn’t even get winded until around 25 minutes. The last 5 minutes were a little bit of a struggle but nothing compared to what I’m used to. It was better then nothing though.

6.0mph – 3 miles.


2 responses to “Random cardio

  1. “I can still run for 30 minutes.”

    Sure it didn’t just feel like 30 minutes? Time on the treadmill passes so very slowly.

  2. try to stick to sprinting it’s alot better for you. For your goals I think.

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