NROL, Strength II, workout 2B

I was aggressive again today and it paid off. Went to the bench press with confidence this time. Huge difference. It’s a lot easier to lift when you’re not afraid.

Here are the stats.

Barbell bent over row – 4×135, 4×145, 8×110, 12×100

(Went up on the last three sets. Felt good. I liked my form on all of them.)

Barbell bench press – 4×160, 4×180, 8×155, 12×140

(My first thought was to do 170 again with my first set. Thinking was that if I got aggressive I’d be able to throw it around and have some confidence to try 180. My first set went just as planned. Got under the bar and just tossed it up like nothing. The problem was that I miscalculated the weight and I was actually only doing 160. With the frame of mind that I’ve been in this week there was no doubt that I was going to do 180 anyway. Fuck it. What’s the worst that can happen? I know deep down that if worst comes to worst I can get any of the weights I’ve been lifting off my chest. Turns out I had no trouble with 180. Should have done 185. Added 10 pounds to the third set and 5 to the last. God this lift felt good.)

Lat pulldown (chin up simulation) – 4×195, 4×210, 12×135

(Couldn’t do 210 last time so I started with 195. It was pretty tough but I went for 210 anyway. Really struggled hard but I got that second set done with good form. Amazing. Used the same weight for the third set as last time. Don’t know why. I should have went up.)

Dumbbell shoulder press – 4×50, 4×55, 12×30

(I don’t know why I went up to the 55’s on that second set. Just feeling frisky I guess. The first set wasn’t exactly easy. Got it done though. Went up on the last set too and it was relatively easy.)

Dumbell upper body Russian twist – 6×25, 6×25

 (Used a 25 pound dumbbell here. It was a lot tougher then the 10! Still not sure if I’m doing it right.)


2 responses to “NROL, Strength II, workout 2B

  1. Hi, I came across your journal today, as I’m starting my own journal about weight loss. you’re an inspiration! Thanks for making your journal public. I’d love to hear any advice you’d have. I just joined wordpress, so I’m still trying to get used to using it. anyways, hi! Hope to see your around

  2. Look what you have been able to do in just the last 2 months

    From OCT 10, 2007 Bench press – 6×155, 1×175, 6×155, 1×185, 10×135 Total lbs 3570

    From DEC 10, 2007 Barbell bench press – 4×160, 4×180, 8×155, 12×140 Total lbs 4280

    Keep at it.

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