Afterburn, week 12, day 2

Tough run today. That’s to be expected, I guess. I always have a tough time whenever I take days off.

Thought a lot about how I hate running today. Spent some time worrying that I wouldn’t be able to finish when these go longer starting next week. I was shocked that I didn’t have any back pain at the start. Didn’t have too many issues until the third sprint when I started having pain in the side of my stomach. What do you call that pain? I forget. I had it though. That went away after a few sprints but by the end it was hard to breath. The last sprint and jog were really tough. I imagine I could have done a sixth sprint but it would have been painful.

After the sprints I messed around on the basketball court. Don’t know why since I always suck at shooting after sprints. Spent about 20 minutes making a mockery of the game and then went home.

I’ve got two more of these before I bump up to the sixth sprint. I guess I’ll do one on Wednesday and then get the last one done when I get back after Christmas. That’s probably for the best. I can struggle through one last one of these when I get back and get prepared for the increase. I’d hate to fail on the very first day of the new phase.



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