Monday weigh in


Seven days ago I weighed in at 260.4. That’s a 5 pound gain.

The trip wasn’t that big a deal. I lost track of how much alcohol I had but it was definitely excessive. I tend to do that at open bars. Normally I don’t drink at all so I’m sure all of that beer affected my weight in some way. The great thing is that I never suffered from any hangover. They offered us coffee at the bar and I took the opportunity to have a few cups before I left. Zero problems the next morning. No headache, nothing. In fact I felt just like normal. I wish I would have tried that 10 years ago.

I’m not even gonna try to estimate my food intake other then to say I don’t think it was outrageous. There were quite a few times where I was stuck with no food. This made me very hungry and very upset. I hate this feeling. I don’t do well with hunger. I brought a few protein bars and they saved the day more than once. Had a couple of meals at airport restaurants so I’m sure the foods I ate weren’t exactly the greatest calorie wise. Still I wouldn’t be surprised if my calorie numbers were lower then normal. Especially lower then the past two weeks. I spent a lot of time feeling hungry and zero time feeling stuffed. 

I’ve also been getting no sleep for the past two days. Both nights I went to bed so tired that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Both times I only managed to sleep 6 hours. I wake up feeling extremely hungry. When I eat breakfast I can’t go back to sleep. It’s been weird.

This weigh in  is so outrageously high that I’m not even upset. Something is up. I’ve got a few days back home to right the ship a little before I fly down to Mom’s so things should be OK. I fully expect to be a pound or two lower before I leave later in the week. This weigh in just can’t be right. Not after weighing 261 for a solid week.


One response to “Monday weigh in

  1. This has been a tough month for many of us – and it’s only getting worse the closer we get to Christmas and New Years. I don’t have any magic solutions as I’m in the same boat – just have to do your best. I would suggest not letting yourself fall into the trap of letting yourself completely go all month justifying that you’ll start over with your New Years resolutions – that would be easy to do but of course you would be better off starting early. It’s hard, damn this time of year is hard.

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