Missing the gym

I had a tight schedule today and I managed to miss the gym.

The wife and I had to go couch shopping and we also planned to go to the bookstore to use some of our Christmas gift cards. As we’re in the car I’m like freaking Rainman. Gotta be home by 8:30. Gotta be home by 8:30.

I thought we had a good plan but it turned out that we ran into the rush hour from hell. The trip to the mall ended up taking twice as long as normal because of a few wrecks along the way. We didn’t even finish getting our couch until 8:15 or so. There was no way we could get home in time for the gym so we went to the bookstore.

I bought Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder and New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I feel really good about my NROL and the wife wants to get back to lifting so I hope she likes it. I’ll definitely read it too since it’s my book and all. She is REALLY into Weight Watchers these days so she bought a ton of those kind of books.

So there it is. We spent a bunch of money on fitness books but that’s really no replacement for working out. I missed the gym and I’ll never get this day back. Oh well. Sometimes things just don’t work out. I think people who lift first thing in the morning are really smart. There’s no excuse to miss if you do things that way. I’d like to think I could do that one day but I really prefer doing it at night. My gym is almost empty when I go but mostly I like it because I’ve been going at 9pm for 18 months now. It just feels right to do it then.


One response to “Missing the gym

  1. Urgh!! The gym!! Hate it myself but it has to be done. There’s a guy there who scares me half to death. With him it’s weights weights and more weights, nothing else exists and it’s always insane amounts. The scary thing is the massive grunt he lets out with each rep. I get embarrassed for him at times and I never go anywhere near him!

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