NROL, Strength II, workout 3C

Deadlifts with no back pain today. Finally.

I was smart this time and didn’t go too high like I usually do. I think it’s easy to go too high on the deadlift because the consequences aren’t so immediate. If you go too high on the squat or bench …. well it’s going to hurt a lot and I know it. I’m especially careful on those. Not so much on deadlifts since the worst that could happen is I drop the bar to the floor.

I’m eager to do 225 regularly but that’s just gonna have to wait. I needed to prove to myself that I could do 215 without hurting myself. I did that so I’m ready to go up slowly. 

On a side note, my wife started back lifting with me for the first time in months. She’s doing the NROL for Women plan. She had to do a movement called the jackknife something that involves a swiss ball. It’s freaking impossible. She was supposed to do 2 sets of 8 and couldn’t even do one. Hell, I’ve been lifting for 18 months straight and I could only do 1. That’s after about 5 failed attempts. That program is no joke.

Here are the stats for today’s lift.

Deadlift – 4×215, 4×215, 4×215, 12×160

(I felt really good about my form here. Thought a lot about pulling my shoulder blades together and pushing my hips forward once the bar passed my knees. I also really concentrated on making sure my hips didn’t go too high too fast. I think that made a world of difference. I’m pretty sure I can’t bent over row 215 and I’m glad I didn’t try it.)

Rack deadlift – 3×225, 3×225, 3×225

(Since my back wasn’t hurting I wanted to give 225 a try. The first two sets were weak. It took me a few tries to actually pull the bar up and I didn’t go down far enough once I got it. On the third set I actually made a discovery. You’re supposed to pull back. I’m an idiot. Once I figured that out it was easy to get the bar off the rack. Then it wasn’t a big deal to go all the way down and touch the rack on the bottom of the lift. It’s pretty damn sad that I finally figured this thing out and now I only have one more lift to actually put that knowledge into use. I guess that’s the point of switching things up every month. You don’t want you’re body to get used to something because it won’t grow as much. All the same, I feel like I wasted my first three shots at this.)

Bulgarian split squat – 8×35, 8×40

(My left leg is still vastly superior on this one. I managed to get the 35’s done with no trouble so I went with the 40’s. I got that done too. When I’m honest with myself I still think my form sucks and I need to drop the weight dramatically. Maybe I’ll find the sense to do that some day.)

Back extension– 8×10, 8×25

(I guess I was feeling frisky with my back feeling so good and all. Did this with a 10 pound plate and it was easy. Picked up a 25 and it wasn’t much more difficult. It felt good to not be nervous on this one.)

Hanging leg raise– 6xBW, 4xBW

(These things are rediculously hard. I got the first set done by hanging on with my fingernails. I started swinging too much on the second set and couldn’t finish all 6.)


One response to “NROL, Strength II, workout 3C

  1. deadlifts wow you now how to train.

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