Happy New Year

Eating with my wife requires me doing a lot of math.

I’m gonna have to figure out the nutritional info of the lasagna I’m about to eat. The main problem is the ground beef. There isn’t any info on the wrapper. The package is 85/15 and 1.77 pounds. I think the wife’s gonna cook half of it. Then I’m gonna eat a quarter of that. This is gonna be hard. I’ll have a rough estimate figured out eventually, I guess. Who knew that going to the gym was the easy part?

I wonder if I’ll still be doing all this work on 1/1/09.

Update: If you’re interested, here’s the math.

One serving of 85/15 ground beef as listed on caloriecount.com is 3 ounces. 1.77 pounds is 28.32 ounces. The lasagna is gonna be 4 servings and the other half is 4 servings. 28.32 divided by 8 is 3.54 ounces. To get the last 0.54 ounces, I divided it by 3 to get 0.18. Each of my servings are gonna be 1.18 actual servings. That was easy enough.


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