Site redesign

Every couple of months I get frustrated with the site design here and change it up a little bit.

The main problem is the weight loss stats box. When I look at it in Firefox it takes over the page and makes it hard to read the text. I’ve got my font size set really high. Maybe this will make things a little easier. If your font size is high you’ll just miss out on the box and not the rest of the page.

I thought long and hard about losing the thing entirely but I’ve grown attached to it over the years. Wow, it really has been years. That’s crazy to think about. Anyway, hope this thing is easier to read now.


One response to “Site redesign

  1. Congratulations on making progress, assuming that was your original goal. One suggestion (for what it is worth) is that you may consider simply changing the term “Total Lost” to something like “Pounds Freed Up” or another term like “How Much I Have Helped My Body.” Focusing on the GAINING instead of the LOSING may make it even easier.

    With that said, what you’re doing may be working fine for you. If so, stick with it and we wish you continued success.

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