NROL, Strength II, workout 3D

 First lift of the new year went pretty good. The gym had a few new faces but not too many. I saw one guy who looked new doing deadlifts. That was cool. Toward the end I saw a big guy doing squats with 315. That was awesome.

What was I doing on this day while my kindred spirits were doing their thing? Upper body of course.

It still felt good to be back in the gym after such a long layoff. Mostly it felt good to finish up another week of Strength II. One more week and it’s on to Strength III. I’m looking forward to being done with this whole thing. I want to go back to Fat Loss something awful. I need to get back to the short rests and high reps. The long rests I have to take during this phase are annoying.

Here are today’s stats.

Barbell Push Press – 4×125, 4×130, 8×120, 12×105

(Went up five pounds on every lift. That was cool. I like this lift so much better then the bench.)

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown – 4×165, 4×165, 8×150, 12×135

(My form here felt bad for some reason. I could barely get the bar below my chin even though I used basically the same weight I used last time. Toward the end I thought I should be using the pull up assist machine. I’m not sure that this lift is helping me toward my goal of doing an actual pull up. Hopefully I can remember to try that machine. Wonder how many pounds of resistance I need. Hopefully it’s in the double and not triple digits.)

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press – 4×65, 4×65, 10×55

(Last time I made a horrible attempt at the 70’s so I stuck with 65’s. Didn’t have too much trouble here. Maybe I’ll take a shot at the 70’s on my last lift of Strength II. I couldn’t get all 12 of that last set even though I was able to do it last time. That bothers me but I know I did my best today.)

Cable Seated Row – 4×180, 4×195, 12×165

(Went up across the board on this one yet again. That last set was really tough but I can go up on the other two.)

Dumbbell Upper Body Russian Twist – 6×30, 6×30

(Same weight as last time. These are harder then they look.)


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